This guide will help you navigate the journey of cremation services

The cremation services has become a popular option for many families. The process of cremation can be confusing. After dealing with your grief, you have to make a lot of difficult decisions. This is enough to cause anyone’s brain to spin.

We’ll start with the main reasons why people decide to have their loved ones cremated. Many people choose cremation because it is more affordable than traditional funerals. Other people choose it for its environmental advantages or because it is simple. Betty my neighbor chose cremation because her husband was minimalist. With a sad smile, she explained that her husband didn’t like fuss.

Let’s get down to the details: What actually happens at cremation? In order to turn the body into ashes, it is subjected high temperature in a chamber. They are processed to finer pieces and then placed into an urn, or any other container you choose.

You may not know, but urns are available in a variety of sizes and styles. You can choose from classic vases or even biodegradable urns that grow into trees. Tim chose a vase that will eventually grow into an oak, which he plans to plant in his yard. “I want Dad be part of Nature,” said the boy.

A memorial service can be overlooked. It is possible to have a more traditional memorial service, with hymns and eulogies, before cremation. If you want to go totally off the script, how about an informal beach gathering with everyone sharing stories around a fire? There are no limits.

Wait, there is more! Then what? They can either be placed in an urn in your home, or they can be scattered at a special place. Even companies turn ashes to diamonds and incorporate them into firework displays. Imagine sending off your loved ones with a literal bang.

It’s also difficult to decide between the different service providers. The grocery shelf is like a cereal aisle with fifty different types of cereal. You should look for transparency when it comes to pricing and the services provided. Nobody likes unexpected charges.

Let’s also not forget pre-planning! Today, more people plan their arrangements in advance. This includes my Aunt Sally. One Sunday, instead of discussing the final wishes she had for her family, Aunt Sally sat with us and distributed brochures like it was a Tupperware event.

While passing out cookies, she said: “It’s better to tell you now what the answer is than later leave everyone guessing.”

Think about the kind of legacy that you’d like to leave your family, both financially and emotionally. The goal is to give your family peace-of-mind during hard times.

You need to be open with family members during this entire process. This way, everyone will understand the decision that is made. Jake, a friend of mine, learned the hard way that his family couldn’t decide how to honour their mom after she died unexpectedly.

Since then, every Saturday morning during coffee service at the local diner, he’s advised everyone to “talk early and often.”

We’ve just taken you on a tour that covers everything (and nothing) related to cremation without frills. You can either plan ahead, or make decisions on-the-spot under stressful circumstances. The key is to always honor the deceased according to their wishes rather than adhering strictly by any rules that may be prescribed.

Hehehehe, folks. Until next time be sure to keep smiling and loving life as much as possible.

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