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The Art of WOOING: A Practical Guide for Finding a Girlfriend

Okay, you’re finally ready to get into the dating pool. Let’s face it, there’s no secret or magic formula. You have to be confident, genuine and a little savvy. Ready? Ready to jump in? Read more now on break free from the ordinary.


Don’t be a couch potato, but do be yourself

You’ve likely heard this phrase a million time: “Just be you.” Although it is a great advice, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should sit on your couch all day in your pajamas. You should be the best you can be. Show her your passion for guitar. Cook something delicious if you love to cook. Authenticity is appealing.

Confidence is Key

Confidence has a magnetic effect that is stronger than any cologne. Speak clearly, walk tall and make eye-contact. You don’t have to boast; you just need to believe in your abilities and yourself.

Listen more than you Talk

It’s important to really listen to what she says. You shouldn’t nod and plan your next phrase while listening to her. Ask her questions to show that you are genuinely interested in the answers she gives. This will help you stand out from other guys who are only interested in themselves.

Get out There

If you are hoping to fall in love with an Amazon Delivery Girl (and even then …). Join groups and clubs that interest you. Hiking clubs, bookclubs, dance classes — whatever tickles your fancy. They are good places to meet people.

Humor Works Wonders

It’s amazing how a good joke can help you break the ice. If you’re a little more familiar with her, share some lighthearted stories or funny jokes. But don’t get too risque.

Dress to Impress… You!

Wear clothes that are comfortable and appropriate to the destination. There’s no need for flip-flops or tuxedos to fancy restaurants or coffee shops unless it’s your style and she likes it.

Body Language Speaks Volumes

Non-verbal communication is crucial. Talking with a slight forward lean will show that you are interested, but also respect the personal space of others. Smile often, it’s contagious.

Small gestures have great power

The little things can make a big difference. Sending a text to wish her luck for an important meeting, or remembering what her favorite snack is shows thoughtfulness and care without making grand gestures.

You Shouldn’t Rush Things

Take things slow. Relationships don’t have finish lines that say “Girlfriend.” Instead, enjoy getting to understand each other and not feel pressured to label them.

Handle Rejection With Grace

You don’t have to be romantic with every person you meet. Do not take her rejection personally. Gracefully thank her for the time she has taken to talk with you.

Stay Positive

Positive energy is contagious. Talk in a positive and light manner, rather than launching into negativity.

Common Interests Matter

Finding common grounds can help you connect faster than anything else. You can bond over shared interests, whether it’s a shared passion for science fiction movies or a spicy food challenge.

We have a guide that is simple, humorous and full of practical advice on how to win someone over as your girlfriend. Remember that authenticity always wins.