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Carpet Protection: Against Wear and Tear

Imagine installing a plush new carpet in the living room. It’s soft, luxurious and gives your room a touch more elegance. What happens if you decide to let your kids do some impromptu artwork with their juice cartons? If your dog somehow manages to drag in half of your backyard with his paws, what happens? Protecting your investment becomes essential.

Take a look at some savvy tips for keeping your carpet fresh and daisy-like for years.

#### Open the welcome mat

To begin with, place mats at each entrance. They can capture dirt, grime and water before they reach your pristine carpet. It’s just like having bouncers to control the entry of dirty feet.

#### Remove your Shoes Please!

You wouldn’t wear muddy boots on white linen sheets would you? Why not do the same to your carpets? The implementation of a no-shoes plan can significantly reduce the amount that dirt and other debris gets into the carpet fibers. You may even want to give guests some cozy slippers. Who doesn’t love comfy house shoes?!

#### Vacuum Like You Mean It

Vacuuming means more than just removing visible crumbs. You also need to remove the dust and other allergens below the surface. Make regular vacuuming part of your routine. You can think of it as a mini spa session for your carpet.

#### Spillproof Strategys

Accidents happen, spills are inevitable. Action is essential. Blot (don’t rub!) Clean up any spills right away with a fresh cloth or paper towel. Rubbing can embed stains in the fabric, making it harder to remove.

For more difficult stains such as coffee or wine mix some dish soap in warm water, and gently dab until the stain is removed. If your pet has an accident, enzyme-based cleaning products can help by breaking down organic debris.

#### Celebrities Aren’t the Only Ones Who Get Professional Help

It’s worth hiring a professional for a deep clean every once in a blue moon. They use specialized equipment to clean in places where regular vacuums just can’t reach. They know all of the tricks to tackle stubborn stains, odors and other problems.

#### Rearrange Your Furniture Periodically

Furniture rearranging not only refreshes the look of a room, but it also helps to prevent worn-out areas due to heavy foot traffic.

#### How to Use Area Rugs Strategically

Area rugs can be used for more than just decoration. Place them near areas that are prone to spills, like under dining table or hallways. The extra layer protects your carpet against potential messes.

#### Keep an Eye on UV Rays

Just like with fabrics and paintings, sunlight can fade carpets. If you want to protect your carpets, close curtains and blinds when the sun is at its peak.

Invest in Carpet Protectors

Consider using carpet protection sprays. These sprays provide an invisible barrier which repels liquids to prevent stains.

Remember the time that Aunt Sally spilled a red wine stain on her new white dress? She could have used one of these sprays – same principle!

This is a great collection of tips to help you keep your carpets looking good despite minor mishaps. The strategies you’ll have at your fingertips (or underfoot) will allow you to take on any task without much effort or cost.

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